Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The TV Producer

This is the second older man I’ve dated in a while. He’s big and bearded and seems very friendly. We meet at yet another coffee shop. I’m glad Denver has a lot so the baristas don’t start to pick me out as “that girl that brings in a different guy everyday”. He orders a drink for me and we proceed to get to know each other. He’s chatty but not too chatty. We discover that we went to the same high school but of course graduated at different times.

He tells me about his job and we talk about some of our future goals. He is refreshingly honest and tells me that he’s interested in me and has been looking at my picture online for quite some time but didn’t think I’d be interested in him. I told him I try to keep an open mind but want to take things very slow and just date around until something clicks.

He invites me to go out with him the following weekend and I say that sounds good, but I never hear from him again.

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