Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Montessori Teacher

We meet for our second date at a local sushi joint. I had told him that I wasn’t really feeling like sushi, but he insisted. When we get to the restaurant, he orders a large variety of dishes. I order two things off the menu and don’t eat very much of either one of them. The conversation isn’t going anywhere for me-just a lot of silent moments, and not the comfortable kind.

Eventually, we finish eating and he asks me how I want to pay for the bill. I suggest we split it, but honestly I was hoping he would pick up the tab since this was our first real “official” date. I am annoyed that he ordered and ate almost everything, insisted on going there when I didn’t want to, and then didn’t just pay for it himself.

Part of me questions what my values really are. I like to think of myself as a liberal gal who is not very materialistic, and yet the way I reacted to the interaction with this man leads me to suspect differently. I may be a little more traditional and may value material things (money) a little more than I thought I did. At any rate, we hug after our date, he mentions something about carpooling down to our families’ homes for Thanksgiving, and I never hear from him again.

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