Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Molecular Biologist

He’s a little shorter than I expected (like a foot shorter than me) and I can’t help but notice how prolific his nose is when viewed in profile. If men are anything like dog breeds, he’s surprisingly mellow for a little guy.

He seems pretty open and very smart. We have lots to talk about in terms of what our values are, how we both grew up, etc. I enjoy the conversation a lot and tell him so. He also does not have a car and his reasons for not owning one are similar to mine. He has a brother that lives nearby and they spend a lot of time together philosophizing and playing board games: a man after my own heart.

I know that I’m attracted to the intellectual part of this guy, and I appreciate how kind he seems to be. I definitely want to get to know him better, so I decide to be explicit about letting him know. I just tell him how much I’ve enjoyed the conversation, how refreshing it is, and how much I appreciate his laid-back manner. We have plans to hang out again in a week.

I’m not super optimistic just because I’m not super attracted to him and figure that’s a hard hurdle to naturally get over. But, I also realize that he has a lot of qualities I really appreciate and would love to have even in a just-friend. I hope that he is open to either one, and I don’t want to lead him on. At least I know that if he gets fresh like The Banker, I can hold my own. There is a lot to be said for feeling safe.

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