Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Banker

I’m on one of my long runs when I decide to stop into the bank and get some personal business taken care of.

The woman who greets me sees that I need a banker rather than just a teller, so she sends me to this strapping young man.
He seems very eager to please and very kind.

I apologize for my cold hands and he asks if I was running. He then seems very excited to hear that I’m training for a marathon.

He tells me about some of the marathons he’s run in and gives me some tips. He offers me some water and apologizes for taking so long to process my transaction. He asks me if I’m married and as we are saying our farewells he hands me his business card and suggests I should give him a call if I want to talk about running some more.

After consulting with some friends, I decide that I will contact the banker to find out what he’s all about. I’m kind of excited and intrigued about him if for no other reason than because he’s one of the first guys I’ve met without the assistance of the internet.

It takes a while for us to finally meet up for the first time. He goes out of town and calls me from his family’s home. We talk for a while but it’s kind of awkward the way many phone conversations with strangers tend to be. I tell him I’m not feeling really well and I want to get off the phone. He’s kind enough to contact me a couple of days later to see how I’m feeling.

Eventually, he gets home and we make plans to hang out-this is after a couple of cancellations, a phone getting lost (on his end), and then us discovering that we both don’t have cars. I’m really excited to meet him now, knowing that he, like myself, has a tendency to lose things, space out stuff, and also does not having a fast or reliable mode of transport.

We meet for coffee and the evening is really pleasant. I enjoy the conversation and like what he has to say. He tells me that he started training for a marathon in honor of his father much in the same way that I started training for this marathon in honor of my mom.

Family seems to be a big priority for him just as it is for me. He seems like an all-around good guy, the kind you could easily bring home with you and people would be happy about.

We go our separate ways and make plans to see each other again. I’m even more excited about this than I thought I would be.

For the second date, we decide to meet at a sushi joint (but this time I wanted to go!). We spend an hour waiting for our table, so have a drink first and again have a really pleasant and easy conversation.

I asked one of my guy friends for some advice on how to handle this date and he suggested that I should make it a point to give the guy some light little touches throughout the evening. This, he said, would signal to the guy that I was open to him kissing me good-night.

During dinner, we were sitting at a bar so it was an easy time to take my friend’s advice. I put my hand on his shoulder or his knee a couple of times. I might have laughed a little too long at a few of his jokes, you know what I'm talking about.
He started holding my hand and putting his arm around my shoulder, so apparently this secret man code was working its magic.

I had a car that evening, so I offered to drive him home.
When we got there, he invited me to come inside for a little bit to “hang out and watch a movie or something”.

Little did I know that he was really inviting me in for the “or something”. As soon as we walked in the door, he started pressing himself against me.

Perhaps he meant for it to be a gentle embrace, but he’s a 6’6” tall former football player who probably weighs two of me.
I was more than a little intimidated. I asked to use the bathroom and then talked to myself in the mirror about my game plan.

I eventually got out of there without too much drama. We have had a couple of very awkward conversations since then but have not gone on any more dates.

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