Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Software Engineer

He calls me at 9:00 AM on New Year’s Day. I am roused from my slumber just a little bit earlier than my brain and body were prepared for, but I’m able to answer the phone in time and we make plans to get breakfast. I hurriedly get ready and ride my bike to the chosen meeting point. Once there, I receive a call from him that he’s running a few minutes late. I wait patiently for a half hour.

I planned to meet my dad at a certain time that afternoon, so I go ahead and order something to eat even though my date has not yet arrived. Just as my soup comes, the date shows up too.

He is from Iran but travelled all over the world with his parents and then on his own. He seems to be close to his family but also independent. He highlights some qualities about me (being a free thinker and unique) that I appreciate and want to believe are true. He apologizes for being late and gives me a homemade cookie to make up for it.

We chat for a relatively short time before I have to go. I leave some money on the table and he gives me a peck on the cheek as I leave. He calls me a few times over the course of as many weeks. We talk about getting together again and I jokingly mention that I’d be willing to give him another chance to show me how punctual he really is. He informs me that he is usually late like that. That’s all I need to hear: my time is too precious to spend waiting for someone else to show up.

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