Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Mystic

Everything about this man is a little odd, but not necessarily in a bad way. I like odd. Let’s face it, I am odd.

We meet at a local park-his idea, which I really like. What a good way to avoid the whole who-pays-for-what thing. Also, it’s beautiful outside and where I’d want to be in any case.

Since I don’t have a cell phone and we’d never met in person, it is a little challenging to find each other, but we manage it alright.

He is sitting in the grass eating some Japanese food when I find him. He smiles, I sit. We talk.

He does a lot of silent little breathing exercises in the middle of our conversation. But, he laughs at my jokes, makes lots of eye contact, and seems to be attentive.

I feel very peaceful around him. He tells me about the class he teaches on mysticism. To make money, he also sells electronic devices on E-Bay.

Much of our conversation is taken up in talking about my experiences in Africa and then his experiences at Burning Man. He pretty much convinces me that this event is a must-see.

We walk around the park, we sit on different patches of grass, we talk to the ducks and the squirrels and a German Shepherd that keeps reappearing. He says he thinks the dog is drawn to my gentleness.

I lose track of time with Mr. Mystic and tell him rather abruptly that I need to leave. I had left something in his car while we went walking, so I walk with him there. We have an awkward moment of looking into each other’s faces almost about to kiss and then hugging and me sort of scampering away.

There seemed to be an attraction there on both ends, but I decided after the experience with Mr. Minister that I would wait and see if I heard back from this guy. So far, I haven’t. Perhaps it just wasn’t in the stars.

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