Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introduction to Dating in Denver

Dating in Denver! Here we go: it's July 2009 and I am back on the dating trail. I've always thought it would be fun to read about other people's dates, and now that I've got fodder, I figured it could be fun to write about my own adventures in dating.

I started out on the dating trail by hooking up with two different dating websites: OK Cupid and OK Cupid provides the opportunity to answer myriad questions posed by other members. An example question might be, "Do you think it's OK to kiss on the first date?" Your answers are compared to those of the people you would be matched with and the results are given to you for each match. There are quizzes and other fun things to do on OK Cupid. is probably more familiar to more of you. Where OK Cupid is free, Match costs roughly $16 per month. I figure I spend at least that much on other forms of entertainment-movies, going out to dinner. I also put a high value on anything educational. I'll spend a fair amount on a class that seems worthwhile. Of all the many subjects I could stand to learn more about, dating and men are right at the top of the list. So, if at $16 per month I can walk away with some fun stories and good lessons, I will consider it a bargain.

I could compare my experiences on OK Cupid to and probably will do that after I collect more data. I could compare the different dates-locations, activities, overall experiences. I will do that too. But probably the biggest comparisons I'll be making will be between the people I date. Who are these different individuals? What makes them unique and interesting? What are some of their similarities? What sorts of patterns can I discern about myself, my reactions, and the situations I find myself in while on the dating trail?

These questions and perhaps many more will be explored as I take you through date-by-date. Since I want to be fair and not "out" anybody who doesn't want to be named, I will be referring to each of my potential suitors by their occupations. I figure this is a somewhat telling and yet anonymous way to categorize them.

Lastly, I give this disclaimer: the things I am about to tell you are just my view and not necessarily the whole true story. Perhaps one of you reading this will discover that you are one of the Denver Dudes being described. I hope not to offend anyone, but I've hoped for that before and despite good intentions my truths sometimes hurt other people. I apologize now, in advance, for any trouble I may cause.

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