Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Minister

My first date came about through OK Cupid. This is a person who I had been talking with over a year ago, the last time I was single. We never met up then, but he still seems interesting to me. I like his spiritual bend, and I appreciate his writing skills.

It is mid-July. I am house sitting for some friends in Golden. Mister Minister and I agree to meet at a local coffee shop. Neither of us know the town very well since he’s from Boulder and I’m from Denver. But, a friend of mine took me there the day before so I have a general sense of the place.

While sitting in the shop waiting for my date, my friend comes in. We chat for a bit and I let her know that I have a blind date. Just at that moment, he walks in. He’s a little frazzled because he was 20 minutes late. But, I tell him I understand and although usually this would bother me, I realize that on this particular day there is a lot of construction and Golden is having their big annual parade (Buffalo Bill Days) so the streets are closed off.

He rode his motorcycle and has a black smudge across his nose. I have never met this guy in person before so I’m not sure if the black nose is a birthmark or dirt from riding his bike. I decide not to say anything just in case. Besides, it calms my nerves a little-kind of like how they say if you have to give a speech you should picture your audience naked.

I introduce him to my friend who is standing next to me, and she then gracefully glides away as he and I move to get drinks. He is kind enough to pay for my tea and we go outside to sit at a sidewalk table.

Conversation ensues pretty readily. I realize that in spite (or because?) of the black smudge, I find this man pretty attractive. He doesn’t have hair on his head which in the past has deterred me. But, it looks really good on him. He’s got kind eyes and a stronger build than I’d imagined. He seems in good shape and smiles easily.

We talk about things that I love to talk about-religion, spirituality, relationships, life philosophies. We seem to have a lot of good things in common and I feel pretty relaxed around him. Every once in a while, he brushes his hand across his nose and a little more of the black smudge wipes off.

I finish telling him something about my previous job and he says, “I have to change the topic for a minute and tell you that your pictures don’t do you justice. You are striking.” Well, thank you very much Mr. Preacher-Man. You’re not too bad yourself! This awakens a sense of sexiness in me that I’ve not felt for quite a while. It feels really good.

We continue talking and after about an hour we stand to leave. He tells me he feels drawn to me and seems to imply that he’d like to get together again. He asks me if I like to see live music, dancing, hiking? I tell him I’m up for anything. We end in a warm, embracing hug.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the first and last date with Mr. Minister. I contacted him a couple of times and he responded but never took the next step to setting up another date with me. I’m a modern woman, but I still need for things to be pretty even as far as putting ourselves out there and taking initiative. His email responses were short and far-between and they were always responses, never catalysts.

So, goodbye Mr. Minister. Good luck on your search for love!

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