Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Doctor

Mr. Doctor and I meet on He makes it very clear that he is dating a lot of ladies looking for the right one and wanting to take his time. Perfect! We are on the same page.

We talk about where to meet up for our first date and finally settle on him just coming to my house and walking to a coffee shop from there. He arrives and looks just like his pictures. He’s of Indian decent and has warm brown Aladdin eyes that take me away on a magic carpet ride every time I look into them.

On our way to the shop, I realize he’s a pretty fast walker. I wish I’d swapped my cute on-a-date shoes for some sneakers! He runs an average of 5 miles a day and has run in 14 marathons or something crazy like that, so I’m not at all surprised that it takes a bit of effort for me to keep up with him.

We have an easy start to conversation. He seems intense, but in a way that I like and can relate to. We talk about all sorts of things and have a really insightful dialogue about past relationships, what worked and what didn’t. He seems very kind in regard to his ex which tells me that perhaps he’s a somewhat enlightened, good guy. But, of course, only time will tell if that's true or not.

We seem to have had the same lessons continuously slap us in the face. Something to do with forgetting to take things one day at a time and let things come about naturally. We both share in common the go-getter-ness that has served us well in so many other parts of our lives but that seem to work against us in romantic endeavours.

He asks a lot of questions of me regarding my lifestyle choices. Thankfully, two of those choices are ones we share in common-vegetarianism and not drinking alcohol. The veggie in me has come and gone, but I am meeting him right at a time when I’ve been grappling to get back to full no-meat-eating, so this fits nicely with where he’s at (been vegetarian for many years).

His queries have more to do with me not having a cell phone or car. He makes some points as to why he thinks these things are useful, at least for him. He isn’t rude or judgmental in his asking. He seems genuinely curious.

We seem to have more things to talk about than we have time for, and by the time we get back to my house and I see how much later it is than I’d intended to stay out, I give him a hasty good-bye hug and call it a night.

Mr. Doctor and I have another date coming up. He’s been great so far about keeping in touch and things seem to be well-balanced. I guess this one is to-be-continued.

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