Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Tax Accountant Manager (again)

It is 6:00 in the morning and he is here right on time for our outside climbing date. I love that this guy knows how to climb well enough that he can take me outside. We head out to Estes Park and stop at a Safeway along the way to get breakfast. He pays for all the groceries and then says he’d rather go to a restaurant so we stop at an “Egg and I” for omelets and Eggs Benedict. Back on the road again, we get to the trailhead around 8:30 and start the 3 mile trek. He wants to impress me with his gear, so he brings every piece he owns along with him. I’m impressed, but wow is his pack heavy!

We are the first ones on the climbing route although a couple from New Mexico and a few other folks are right behind us. After getting up the first pitch, it starts to rain and we hear thunder. After some deliberation, we decide to leave for the day. We’ll try again another time perhaps. Meanwhile, we make our way to an indoor climbing gym in Boulder and have a fun time trying their routes.

Driving to Denver, we blast the radio and sing along to the Eagles and some other bands. He tells me about his last girlfriend who owns 10 cats. Scattered throughout the day, there are many moments of no talking at all. I like silence in a way but also like to be with people who are a little more outgoing than I am-less work for me. Also, after such a short time knowing each other, the silences are a little awkward sometimes, and perhaps pregnant with things that we are thinking or want to say or hear but don’t know how to bring up.

On our way back to my house, we stop for some dinner at Pasquini’s off Broadway. He’s never been and says he would definitely like to come back again. It’s my treat finally (he’d been paying for everything, and I wanted it to be more fair). For a twelve-hour date, I suppose it wasn’t too bad that we had a lot of times with nothing to say. However, for it being just our second time meeting with each other, I’m a bit worried that we might not have that much in common. We set up a date for a week from now and he said he’d have me over and cook me dinner.

I’m not sure where this is going. I am amused with looking at how different I feel now from what I wrote in my first posting about him. Sometimes, I think dating is like playing that shell game. Who knows which one to pick? They all look the same at first and it’s anyone’s guess what you’ll unearth when you lift up the shell.

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