Monday, October 5, 2009

The Entrepreneur

I’m on a second date with the entrepreneur. I don’t know how to describe his job exactly. He works for himself and owns a company that somehow runs itself and makes him a lot of money without him having to do much work. It’s still inexplicable to me and reminds me of the plan that the guys in “Office Space” hatch to skim a few cents off of every dollar and become rich overnight. Anyways, however he does it, he is able to simply bring his laptop with him and go mountain biking or hiking everyday and do a bit of work from the side of the trail. Hearing this, I try to remember how much I love my job. Still, I think I would love his job just a little bit more.

He gets a lot of points for thinking of something really unique and fun to do. We meet at a place called, “Cocktails and Canvass”. He’s there a few minutes before me and has already purchased two bottles of wine (a red and a white because he didn’t know which I’d prefer). I try some of the red since it’s open and I’m so starving from having not eaten all day. We receive a demonstration from an instructor on how to paint a specific picture. Then, with the paint and canvass provided, we follow her lead- step-by-step-until we each have a painting of our own. It’s a fun and flirty way for us to get to know each other a little better, and having this other thing to focus on takes some of the pressure off. The two glasses of wine on an empty stomach may have helped as well.

After painting, we go to a very nice Italian restaurant down the street. It’s late and the kitchen is nearly closed, so we order soup, salad, and a meat and cheese plate. The conversation gets better and better as the night progresses. He’s able to relate really well to my experience in the Peace Corps because he had similar life-changing experiences in the army and living in Kuwait.

I appreciate that Mr. Entrepreneur seems to have come from a similar background to me. I like that he has learned to enjoy and appreciate each day he’s given. He seems to have a genuine optimistic and kind nature. His family and friends mean a lot to him just like mine do to me. He is a sports nut and I can totally see him getting along great with my brothers, which is kind of a good litmus test.

I have felt at-ease with him while still feeling stimulated at the same time. At the end of the evening, he’s a perfect gentleman and asks permission to steal a kiss. I’m glad he did. We have another date scheduled to go hiking this weekend.

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